RHS Life is the universal platform for smart health that others services for fitness, remote control and family assistance. You can choose the smart sensors that best suit your need, including smartwatches for sports or for monitoring heart beat and pressure, cameras for video surveillance, bed sensor for home care and many others sensors.


This is the main device that can be placed at the home and that will communicate with the hub and with all other devices of the ecosystem as wearable like smartwatches or other sensors as cameras. So you can send and receive text messages monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, steps.

SPHERE can manage also georeferenced position, receive and send alerts and warnings as SOS alarms and allow you to listen music.

RHS Life

Automatically monitors all sensors and send you alerts you in case of potential problems or dangers.
With the proprietary app you receive notifications on your smartphone with which you can immediately check what is happening without moving from your position and therefore without wasting time that could be precious.


Even when you're away from home you can see what's going on.
Security is enhanced with the management of door sensors to verify that no one has entered your home.
RHS-Life manages smartwatches by measuring beats, pressure and ECG.
The GPRS version allows localization and monitoring even outside the home..

RHS-Life can be used for fitness and sport but also to monitor children or elders.
No need to continuously check the smartphone and be worried: automatic warnings (push mode)
inform you immediately on what is happening.